Looking for a charming house in Hamburg for great holiday?

During the holydays in Hamburg (see dates below) we offer our charming house (2 gardens, 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 chimneys, carport, burglar-proof) inmidst the green parts of Hamburg to friends and friends of friends for a great rental fee or a swap to a house or a flat or boat or a camper which you might offer. The house includes a car (Jaguar X-type), the bikes and lots of toys (poolbilliard, air-hockey, bow and arrow, golf, frisbee, darts etc.)


This is the sunset you see from our garden:


t´s a great area for

Jogging too: 

 It´s also a great place for playing golf. We have clubs to borrow.


Ask for the details and find out more about the possibilities:


Tel. 0049 40 22 69 1234

M: 0049 160 300 40 25 

Holydays in Hamburg:


14.10. bis 02.11.2017

22.12. bis 7.1.2018


22.12. bis 7.1.2018

5.3. bis 16.3.2018

30.4. bis 11.5.2018

5.7. bis 15.8.2018

1.10. bis 12.10.18

20.12. bis 4.1.2018

Visite our brandnew Elbphilamonie, the word-class-music-hall with the amazing view over the Hamburg-Habour. 



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